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Our map of Boracay Island includes the location of hotels, resorts, popular restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs areas, so that our readers can better understand which areas of boracay are best for their paradise vacation in the Philippines.  Some areas of the island are peaceful and tranquil, some areas of the white beach are busy with a lot of bars and nightlife.

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boracay island map philippines with hotels

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Station 1 white beach is very tranquil and luxurious, there’s no pathway on this section of the beach so not many people go this far, you simply walk along the sand or along the main road. Most of the 5 star hotels in boracay are located in station 1, mainly because the sand is the BEST quality, the beach is very flat and wide in this section and the water is nicer to swim in as it has a very gentle slope, you can walk out 50 meters and still only be knee deep sometimes. Dont get me wrong, the whole beach from north to south is absolutely perfect, but this section is probably 1% better.  Its very popular for people on luxury holidays, honeymoons in boracay and having tropical weddings on the beach.  willy’s rock is also located in this area which is a popular icon in the Philippines.  The famous Fridays resort is located in this part of the island too.

Station 2 white beach, If you look at the map of Boracay hotels you will this section is centrally located, there’s a lot of activities in Boracay island and most of them happen in this area, this is where boracays nightlife takes place, D’mall (boracays most popular mall) is the center of attention which goes from the main road (budget mart) to the white beach. All of the restaurants are located in this area, with most bars in this area too. This area has the most foot traffic and is basically the TIMES SQUARE of the island.  There are a lot of great hotels in this area with reasonable prices. Even if your hotel is located in station 2, it will still be 100% peaceful and tropical. Boracay Island hopping tours usually depart from station 2.

Station 3 white beach is a very quiet part of the island and is much cheaper. A lot of expats or people who don’t like crowds stay in this section of the beach. The only drawback about staying in this section is that you are quite far from D’mall and the surrounding restaurants. There are some great bars and restaurants on the beach in station 3 and a lot of them have a very native, paradise island feel to them which is what makes it so popular.  Red pirates bar, coco loco bar and a few others make great eating and drinking spots for this part of the island. 357 boracay hotel serves some of the best breakfast. You will notice on the boracay hotel map that there are a lot less establishments in station 3 but most of the hotels and bars here are very authentic looking, with a more bamboo tropical island theme, especially red pirates. Also a great Italian restaurant is called D treehouse, which is literately a treehouse restaurant, they serve the best pizza and lasagna I have ever tried anywhere in the world. Very cheap too and the concept of the restaurant (treehouse) is just cool. The best snorkeling on the white beach is also located in station 3.

To summarise – station 3 is quiet, cheaper hotels, great area with a more relaxed feel. You will have to walk along the beach for 15 mins (or 5 min tricycle for 8 pesos) to get to the main action, but a lot of tourists spend their whole holiday in station 3 as it has everything you need, nice restaurants, nice bars, tranquil and relaxing ambiance.

Station 2 is the main part of the island, usually busy in this section all year around, if you like to be centrally located then this area is best but its so nice to walk in boracay that realty any hotel on the beach is perfect.

Station 1 is the fanciest part of the island,  the beach here is slightly nicer (only slightly, most people wont even notice). Its usually very quiet in this section, the beach is also bigger/wider here. If your really looking for a fancy tranquil tropical holiday then definitely stay in station 1. If your just looking for a peaceful holiday on any budget station 3 is great. If you want to be surrounded by boracay clubs, bars, restaurants then station 2 is your best area.

Hope this boracay guide helps you pick the right hotel or resort. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.  Also Feel free to download our boracay map with hotels.



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